30 Days Until School is Released




Jerome High School- Here at JHS, school is out within the next month. So many people, part of our staff and students are hyped for summer and we decided to interview students and ask how their year was, and if they’re looking forward to summer or not. Our reasons for this is because it has been a tough year for our staff and students because of the pandemic, but we are fortunately getting our normal lives back. 

The first person we interviewed about their school experience this year was freshman, Dakota Bussen. Dakota says “So far, my school year has been pretty good I do have to say. I’ve really enjoyed my experiences with teachers and my fellow classmates. I do have to say that covid messed things up for me in the beginning, but I’m pretty sure that has been the case for everyone. I have gotten the hang of things and covid restrictions but luckily it is not mandatory to wear masks anymore so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. 

The next person we interviewed was Kalae Thompson, a freshman, who said “It’s been going good so far, the only thing that kept me was friends and sports.” She also said “ In sports there was more competition compared to middle school, she also got to play with upper classmen” She also said the coaching is better. She originally started on the freshman volleyball team but had a great opportunity to move up to JV. On the softball team she was on varsity from the beginning, and will finish the season on varsity.  

Overall everyone has had a great school year, although things were different with covid restrictions. But with everything we just needed time to get used to things. Hopefully next year is better!