School Shootings on The Rise

School Shootings on The Rise


United States/Idaho – As you may know here in Jerome there has been many regards concerning school shootings. There have been multiple threats within the last two weeks here in Jerome. The school district has been very carful and have been taking lots of protocols and precautions. We are grateful to have such an amazing school system that helps ensure the safety of our students in our town. 

On May 6th there was a school shooting at Rigby Middle School in Idaho. Four students and a custodian were injured and hospitalized. These people are now all in stable condition. The shooter was then captured and arrested. Rigby is a small town of about 5,000 people so this has left a lot of people shook because the town is not very big. There have been many other events similar to this happening recently. There has been lot of questions people have been asking why people would have to urge to go harm people. Also has there been an increase in shootings?

There has been an increase in mass shootings dramatically over the last few years. This can be very scary because a shooting could really happen anywhere at anytime. There has been a dramatic increase in shootings since 2020. Though mass shooting is never right people may do it to get attention, stress, depression, or maybe even mental medical problems. Gun violence is starting to become a bigger problem in our society today, where as other generations never had this problem. 

Local resident Jolyne Dickinson says, “I think it’s becoming a bigger problem because we have a degradation in the home and children not knowing about firearms and children aren’t nourished and and they’re not mentally and emotionally stable because our parents aren’t mentally emotionally stable thing is degradation of family on a whole and that’s why we’re seeing societal trends that are there so terribly negative these negative societal trends that haven’t been here in the past or or historically in any generation”. 

Though it is very unlikely that a shooting would happen at our school Emmalee has something to say if it were to happen. Emmalee Osborne says, “These days school shootings are becoming more and more frequent. This means that students need to to learn about what they should do in case there is a threat to the school. My dad always taught me and my sibling the run hide fight rule. This is where if there is a safe way for you to leave the dangerous situation then you should run. If you can’t run then you need to find a safe place to hide, and if you have to hide be sure to be prepared to fight if things go wrong”.