Sexual Child Abuse



  Three men have been arrested and one other man is being held in paraguay for allegedly running one of the worlds biggest networks for sharing images of child sex abuse. They say some images showed the most serious sexual abuse of young children. This net platform was called “Boystown” which has now been taken down. Boystown had more than 400,000 register users. Several paedophile sites were also dismantled. 

The three men detained since mid-April are believed to have run the paedophile network on the age of 40 the other one age of 58 and the third one with the age of  49. The fourth suspect is a 64 year old from Hamburg who was allegedly one of the most active members he’s  responsible for more than 3,500 posts.

There are forums where harrowing images of child sexual abuse and other extreme content is shared or traded. In many illegal marketplaces there are also banned drugs and weapons for sale. Many anonymous sellers rise up very quickly.

In other words people shouldnt trade or sell content of child sexual abuse or anything just for money. People also sell there children to peadophiles on the darknet.