India’s Covid Cases are Surging 

India’s Covid Cases are Surging 


India-In the last couple of months, India’s COVID-19 cases have risen in numbers. Over 219,000 people have died. What caused this sudden surge in cases? How can people stop COVID-19 from taking more lives?

COVID-19 spreads through close contact, sneezing, and coughing. With India’s higher population density COVID is going to spread faster. In more rural areas, multiple families share the same water source and if they get in contact with each other they could spread the virus. The India run-up elections had large crowds of people. Religious ceremonies were held with lots of people. Shops and public spaces were reopened.

This surge in cases had lead to more deaths. Indian hospitals have been overcrowded, and don’t have enough oxygen supplies. Twelve people died after oxygen ran out in a New Delhi hospital. Oxygen supplies are having a harder time reaching places like New Delhi because the medical oxygen suppliers are on the other side of the country. Moving the medical oxygen from the suppliers to New Delhi is a several day trip. Unfortunately people have died waiting for this oxygen to come.

There is a new variant of COVID in India. This variant could potentially be more dangerous. Although the variant is too young to tell if it’s more dangerous than the common COVID-19. The new India variant is spreading throughout the country. It has become the most common variant of COVID in Maharashtra, one of the most populated areas in India. 

This new surge of COVID cases in India could’ve been caused by overcrowding or a new COVID variant. Either way, there are so many deaths that could’ve been prevented if there were more oxygen supplies. People can only hope that the COVID situations slows down.