Faculty of The Week- Mr. Bruns



Jerome High School- Mr. Bruns is a amazing teacher. His class is never boring because he makes learning fun. Mr. Bruns is a honers science, geology, and astronomy teacher and teaches all 4 grades here at Jerome High School. When Mr. Bruns teaches he doesn’t just give us information but he explains it and shows examples so we can understand and remember the material. His class isn’t boring and we are always doing something new. 

Some of his students have some things to say about Mr. Bruns. Freshman Kaili Sandridge says, “Mr.Bruns is an awesome teacher and is dedicated to helping his students learn. Derek Dilworth states, “Mr.Bruns is great at answering all of my questions, no matter how weird they are”. Freshmen Savannah Peiffer says, “Mr. Bruns makes science so fun and I really enjoy his class”. 

Mr. Bruns is always happy and is easy to talk to. Many students love coming to his class and I know I would love to take his class again. I have learned so much and he always helps me if I don’t understand.  If you are reading this Mr. Bruns then thank you for all the positive impact you have made on me, my peers, and this school.