Birthday Party Shooting





Colorado Springs, Colorado- An adult male attended a party and took 6, innocent people’s lives before ending his own. The shooting happened a little after midnight, at the Canterbury Mobile Home park, says Colorado Springs police Lt. James Sokolik. The shooter hasn’t been identified just yet but police and people from the community believe that he was a boyfriend of a woman that attended the party. The party started off as an extended family gathering, but ended up with 7 deaths total, including the gunman himself. 

Fortunately, none of the children that were at the party were harmed, and they are safe now. This shooting was according to the Colorado Springs Police Department, “Incredibly Shaken”. Investigators say the suspect who killed six adults, including his girlfriend, and took his own life in front of young children at a Colorado Springs birthday party over the weekend was fueled by jealousy after he was not invited to the family gathering.

In our opinions just because you didn’t get invited to a little birthday party doesn’t give you the right to kill six people. Also, just because you end your own life in the end doesn’t make it right! A better way to deal with this is to talk about the problem and not kill people. 

The kids whose birthday party it was are now terrified of his/her birthday. Some of these kids think that this is their fault. 

We believe that this was a very scary and sad situation. We are very sorry to the family losses.