The Curse of the Colonel



Superstitions have seemingly always played a part in sports. When teams have a loosing streak there always seems to be a supernatural explanation. One of the strangest cases of a paranormal phenomenon is The Curse of the Colonel. Is this ghostly grudge haunting the Hanshin Tigers, or is it a paranormal phoney?

The legend goes that the Hanshin Tigers had one their first baseball game in twenty-one years. Fans were ecstatic, for some reason, people that looked like different players jumped into a polluted river. Randy Bass didn’t have a doppelganger, so the dunk fans stole a Colonel Sanders statue from a local KFC and threw him in the river. The sinking Colonel had seemingly cursed the team with bad luck. In the late 1980’s two players had major injuries, one player retired, and Randy Bass was dismissed.. The dumping of the Colonel happened after the tigers won the CL Pennant. Meaning that the team won the Nippon Series after the Sanders incident. Although the team didn’t win another game for eighteen years after Sanders was dumped. Their losses could just be poor performance. 

The Curse of the Colonel was a hoax all along. It poses the question, are all these sporty superstitions unwarranted. Maybe blaming your shortcoming on a spirit makes it easier to bare. Either way, Hanshin Tigers fans are hoping that the spectre of Sanders is gone for good.