Missing Idaho Kids


By: The Fresh-ees

(Sarah Spellerberg, Aylssa Winson, Ashlin Noble)


In Boise, Idaho, they have found the bodies of two dead kids, a 7 year old boy, Joshua “JJ” Vallow,  and his 17 year old sister, Tylee Ryan Vallow, after they have been missing since September 2019. They finally get justice when their mother and her husband are behind bars.

The bodies of the children were found on the property of Chad Daybell, who is married to their mother, Lori Vallow Daybell. They got married a couple weeks after they disappeared.

Their Grandfather, Larry Woodcock, told the Post Register in Idaho Falls that “they’re no longer with us.” Other relatives sent a joint statement to Phoenix television station KSAZ-TV confirming the deaths and asking for their privacy, assummually for time to grieve. 

The case had dragged on for months without any answers and who could’ve done this to the children. But it was suspicious when the married couple had different beliefs of what could’ve happened to them and their ex spouses of the two had mysteriously passed on.

There were developments and the investigators searched Chad Daybell’s property for evidence, found the children’s bodies, and the prosecutors charged him with destroying or concealing two sets of human remains. The relatives finally found out and reported that the children that they were looking for months on end, were deceased.

At a short court hearing, Daybell’s attorney, John Prior, didn’t immediately respond to the request to comment and the Judge set bail at $1 million dollars. In court documents, Madison County Prosecutor, Rob Wood, said he believes that Chad Daybell either concealed or helped hide the remains, knowing they were gonna be used as court evidence. He added the first body was hidden or destroyed after September 8th, the last day Tylee was seen, and the second body on or after September 22nd, the last known day JJ was seen.