Faculty of the Week: Mrs. Gardner



Mattie Luper, Jolee German, Lyric McArthur, and Jaidyn Johnson


Jerome High School has an abundance of amazing staff. Amongst these are new teachers, and some who have been here longer than others. At Jerome High School, we like to take a week to recognize staff members who go above and beyond, and truly make JHS a better place. 

This week Jerome High School’s faculty member of the week is Terri Gardner, more commonly known as Mrs.Gardner, Jerome High School Secretary. Day to day, her activities range from office notes to event organization. She truly is a leader of our school. Doing everything she possibly can for all the staff and students here at JHS.

Mrs.Gardner is currently one of the longest staff members here at JHS. She has been part of the highschool since October, 1998, which comes to 33 years. We interviewed her and asked her what she really loves about her job. She said “ She likes being around kids. Specifically teens.” She always has a smile with whatever crazy task she has been given that day. Whether it’s just delivering a note, or giving an announcement, you can truly tell she has Tiger Pride!

While the staff obviously realises how much she does, we wanted to know if the students do too. We asked sophomore Stetzon Luper what he thinks about Mrs Garnder. When asked the question: “ Do you think that Ms.Gardner deserves faculty of the week?” he responded with “I’ve never seen her do anything where she wasn’t happy. She always is nice, and helps out the students as much as she can. And I feel like she knows everybody’s name which is cool too.” With this it’s clear to see how valued she is to our school. 

When thinking about what it truly means to show tiger pride, Mrs.Gardner shows every attribute. She truly shows the best of JHS staff. Congratulations to Jerome High School’s faculty of the week, Mrs. Gardner.