Tigers Losing Hope?


By Josslyn Blair, Lorelai Boyd, Savana Hadden, Kapriece Coffel


Jerome High School has always taken football seriously. It is a tradition to go and support the home team under the Friday night lights. Now not only the student body but the players and coaches are confused why we have gone 0-4 this season. The football team has been very stirred up especially with their loss of the battle of the bridges against the Twin Falls Bruins. Many players are using that loss as motivation to win their next games. Head coach, Sid Gambles and coach Aaron Jackson had a lot to say about their upcoming game against the Canyon Ridge Riverhawks. Coach Jackson said that not only the players but the coaches will try to go into each game with a positive mindset. Gambles stated that he believes “We will win the rest of our games.”

When we interviewed the captains of the varsity football team, and even head coach Sid Gambles they had all stated the exact same thing when we asked what is your team’s biggest weakness. Both Keenan Blair and Nate McDonald both said “they have some good players, though they do need more depth.” meaning they need more players. After everyone we interviewed, they all seemed very confident in this upcoming game against the Canyon Ridge Riverhawks, and the games following. Though we entered the conference game with Twin and lost, coach Jackson said “that game will not define the rest of their season.”