Faculty Member of the Week: Patrick Rexroat



The faculty of the week for Jerome High School was Patrick Rexroat . Students know him as Mr. Rexroat . He teaches drama, musical theatre, speech and advanced drama . Recently Mr. Rexroat had contracted COVID 19, earlier in September . When he was asked about how it was, he replied with “It was stressful, not just for me, but for my whole family.” Because the severity of COVID 19 can depend on the host . He wasn’t just worried about himself but also about his friends and family “I was worried that I might have infected my friends or my parents”.  Also he has a wife and child at home he was worried about them quite a bit too . “My wife and I were especially worried that the baby would get it, but she ended up being fine — probably she has picked up some immunity from my wife, who was vaccinated before she was born”, He replied . He’s lucky too because his symptoms were very mild and only lasted a week . And overall it wasn’t a pleasant experience because he replied with , “I had one day where I felt sicker than I’ve ever felt, otherwise my symptoms were mild ”. Altogether COVID 19 is not an experience that you want to go through . 


Mr. Rexroat also is a busy man seeing around 150 people a day for drama . Doing his very best to teach drama in a very fun, interesting and yet interactive way . He does drama because “I love it! It makes me happy, I love working with drama students and seeing their creativity”. When asked why he chose drama . His teachings include acting, playwriting, and tech theater. His Advanced and Intermediate people do plays and competitions. Also his musical theater class learns about musical theater . His classes are graded on how well their skills are and by rubrics too . In the end drama and theatre are very interesting things . One can express his ,hers or theirs feelings and hobbies . And turn it into entertainment or anything you can think about . And Mr. Rexroats hobbies include reading, writing and theater work . On an average day Mr. Rexroat wakes up, drives to Jerome , goes to the highschool and begins to teach in after  school rehearsals . Then go home, exercise , spend time with the baby and wife and then indulge in hobbies . When asked about himself he responded with,”I think the best people in this life are kind, creative, and unafraid of being themselves, so I pretty much try to be like that”  Therefore we think Mr. Rexroat did a great job at teaching drama. In the end he is always doing what he loves, Embracing one’s creativity .