Should We Have Two National Anthems?


With the previous and ongoing “Black Lives Matter” protests, the question arises, should we have two separate National Anthems? The song, “Lift Every Voice” by J. Rosmand Johnsons, and James Weldon Johnson, is often called an anthem for the African American community. The song, originally written as a poem by the NAACP leader,captured a hopeful appearance for people of color during segregation. 

The NFL is possibly one of the most watched programs currently on television. This brings on the opportunity to show your personal beliefs and values. Recently after playing “ The Star-Spangled Banner”, our country’s national anthem, the NFL has been playing “Lift Every Voice”. This has brought on the question of if we should have two national Anthems

The creation and writing of our national anthem dates to 1814, when Francis Scott Key’s poem inspired a country. The song represented perseverance, pride, and most importantly unity. With the meaning of the song in mind, there should not be two national anthems. According to Armstrong Williams argued saying “That the current National Anthem was written for all the American people. No matter what race. All Americans, all races.” He argued that no matter where you’re from, what class you belong to, or your race or identification, everyone deserves to feel unified.

The greatest issue amongst the African-American culture, is their feeling of no justice, no equality, and un-right representation. By establishing two national anthems, you are just furthering the feeling of separation. The United States is currently seeing more racial crimes (all races) , than ever before,according to .

While realizing the issues for the African- American community,  it is easy to understand why they would possibly want a song to represent them. When asked if we should separate national anthems,  Ms.Hammersley, an english teacher at Jerome High School stated “That is a hard question. I know that there are legitimate issues that they have. Like the Africa-American people have issues going on. I know there are also protests around the National Anthem, But I don’t think that having a second one is going to solve any of those problems.” 

It’s easy for one to argue that by just allowing a second national anthem, we are becoming more and more separated. When attending a football game, or any activity, standing up to sing the National Anthem brings together everybody in the area. Everyone stands for one thing, all together. Jerome Highschool student, Talisha Pfieffer said “I think that we should not have two separate national anthems, the United States, just like JHS wants to be one team, one town, one family. If we separate National Anthems, then we aren’t really doing that. It only causes more separation.”

While there are people who can argue that having two separate national anthems is the right thing to do. It could easily allow the African- American community to feel valued in our country, but it could also lead them to feel even more separated. Overall, there should not be two national anthems, if Americans truly want their country to come together as one. The sole purpose of our national anthem is for our country to have an event that people all come together for. When you attend a football game and you hear the introduction, everyone rises. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, or where you came from. It’s a time when the nation truly comes together. America is currently focused on how to bring people together. Americans want everyone to be treated equally, everyone to have the same opportunities and rights, yet we are taking away the one thing that unites us. If we truly want the country to come together as one, then there should not be two national anthems. This would just further the common issue of separation. Along with this, it possibly would only further the racial violence in the nation. Overall the separation is unneeded, and not going to help solve anything.