The French President Gets Egged


On Monday the 27th the French president Emmanuel Macron was hit by an egg during a Lyron Food event. The people around him in the video said that they saw a young man throw the egg, but didn’t hear him shout anything, and also the motivation is still unclear. The 19-year-old student that threw the egg at him had actually been committed to a psychiatric hospital in France. But for the president this is not the first time he has been targeted with an egg. In 2017 when he actually was a presidential candidate, they threw an egg at his head and it cracked. Recently in June this year, he was slapped by a random man in a crowd. Clearly he has been targeted many times. 

Emmanuel Macron has been serving as the France president since May 2017. He was born in Amiens and studied philosophy at Paris Nanterre University. He is a very powerful president and has made a lot of important changes for France. Many presidents are targeted in public events just like he was. Being a president is a very powerful job but it also is very dangerous. Many presidents have been targeted and it’s a concern because they want to keep them as safe as possible and not put them in a scary situation.  Macron married his college professor who is 20 years older than him. He got a lot of negative responses from this union. 

The video of him getting egged has been widely shared on social media. In the video, you can see the two bodyguards immediately get closer to the president to protect him. Reporters at the event heard Macron say “If he has something to say, then he can come”. The president Emmanuel Macron enjoys spending time in meet and greets and just being around his people but with all the “violence” and “stupidity” said by Macron he can’t do that without risking being in danger. 

We interviewed our JHS french teacher to get her thoughts about the President and the current event. She gave us some insight about what her opinions were on the French President and the egg incident that occurred. She said, “he’s an interesting guy and he’s a great public speaker.” She also said, “ He is a little bit spineless, because he says one thing and completely flips and does another thing, so I’m not a big fan of him”. She was not very surprised to hear this because she knows the French are very upset with his actions, and everything happening in their country. 

The president is being very cautious after this situation and everything else that has happened to him during his presidency. After a lot of targeted attacks and people disagreeing with his decisions this year is his last year being president.