Boys Soccer


We decided to interview two boys on the soccer team. Victor Jimenez and Nick. We asked them a few questions regarding the team. One of the boys said the team gets along well. The boy’s soccer team does take precautions against covid. The precautions are really well taken and they’re taken better than the girl’s volleyball team, where it is optional for them to wear masks, and they do not sanitize the volleyballs. While the boys are required to wear masks on the bus and when they are close to their teammates. The boys have to wear masks when they go on a bus to prevent the spread, and they sanitize their equipment. They have two games left before the season ends and they are going to do their best to end the season well. We also interviewed Edgar Ceja. He is also a soccer player.  We asked him a few questions about the soccer team. He told us that practices can be challenging. They play really well most of the time, although sometimes they have off days. He finds that practices are very beneficial. They are hoping to achieve it by going all the way and doing their best. They have won the district twice in a row. They also went to state twice. They have been doing very well. The most positive thing about the team is that they do not give up. They said they need to improve on some stuff, but they are going to practice even harder. He said that practice is hard but it’s what makes the game fun. They are hoping to improve for the next season.