Jerome High School Band Wins Second Place Prize (Also Wakes Up Mr. Jay on Saturday Morning)


Saturday, September 25th, the Jerome High School, the Ambush of Tigers competed in the Caldwell competition. The band practiced at their local high school at seven in the morning and left the school at eight for the competition. Jerome High School’s band team was late to the competition event due to a train, but still accomplished to get second out of four in their category in the competition that Saturday. 

Earlier that morning, at the 7 am practice at the Jerome High School’s practice field, Mr Jay said he was about a block away and could still hear them playing and warming up. When we asked Mr Jay, “How do you think the band did overall practicing that day?” and he replied that he woke up originally because he thought it was a train from the warm ups the band had done that day, and because he barely woke up, it was the first thing that came to his mind then after the noise kept going on, he realized that it was the band. He added that it sounded good, but once it just kept going on and on and he was mostly just confused why it was sounding like that at 7 am on Saturday morning. An anonymous source said that their practices kinda do sound like a train.

Despite sounding like a train for warming up, they were late because of an actual train that day. A band member said, “We were sitting there for 10 minutes then the bus driver took a long time to get on the route there and ended going 65 mph on the interstate and about to hit another bus on the way there.”

“How did your dog react to it?” One of us had asked, and Mr Jay said that his dog, Darby, who is a Grey Nose Pitbull, was not amused. “Darby was not amused.” is what Mr Jay has directly said, “It woke her up from downstairs and she was so irritated that she came upstairs, crawled into bed, and stuffed her head under my blanket, trying to go back to sleep.” So, the dog did not like the extra noise at all.

Another question we asked was, “Do you think you’ll put earplugs in next time they practice?” Mr Jay answered that question, “I don’t normally keep earplugs in my room ‘cause it’s not a place I would imagine I’d have to use them.”

“Do you think that they did well getting second place?” An interviewer of the Fresh-ees had asked Mr Jay. He said that it was very exciting for the Ambush of Tigers to have gotten second place, and he added that he was very proud of them for the very good feat that they got.