Student of the Week–Veronica Carnell


Veronica Carnell is an overall outstanding student. Veronica is involved in Crossing Bridges that is run by Ms. Trelleas. Being involved in Crossing Bridges motivates her to do better in school, not only to get better grades but a better overall GPA. She is very motivated. She not only motivates herself to keep going but she also motivates other students and teachers. Carnell shares “it is very hard to stay motivated, though keeping a good mindset helps her with her inspiration. She is known to be a quiet student and a self-learner. Carnell said, “I would rather work alone but when I have to work in groups I can.” A question we had asked was “With my extracurricular, and school itself it does it ever affect your personal life?” With no hesitation, she said, “yes, definitely.” Saying one of the hardest things in high school is managing time. Carnell tries to think of graduation and her future to keep herself motivated. So instead of hanging out with friends, she stays in and studies. Though she is unsure of what she wants to do after high school one thing she does know is that she wants to be successful. In spite of her like of working alone, she states, “my teachers help me with just about everything.” Her favorite teacher is Ms. Trelleas. Veronica states “She has made me want to try harder not only as a student but just as a person in general and Trelleas wants me to make me want to participate more.”

We interviewed Mrs. Trelleas to see what she had to say about Veronica Carnell. Mrs. Trelleas believes that Veronica will go far in life. She describes her as a sweet, polite, respectful, and hardworking kid. She says Veronica has a quiet yet outgoing personality which she finds a good quality. Mrs. Trelleas feels as if she can teach her in the way she needs. She admires her leadership skills because, “ when she talks she is heard.”  She says Veronica is able to work well with others but prefers to work alone. Mrs. Trelleas would describe Veronica to other faculty as “ a girl with a bright future.”