Vape Detectors In Jerome High School


In schools across America they’re having an issue with students vaping around campuses. Students have been doing this for years and many schools are implementing vape detectors that are placed in bathrooms. Bathrooms have become a hotspot for students vaping and passing around their vapes to their peers. This has been such a big problem that the U.S. government has tried to stop the selling of vape/tobacco products for people below the age of 21, but somehow it’s not slowing down. It’s still a big issue to schools across America. 

At Jerome High School there has been talk about adding vape detectors around Jerome High School but it’s not known if it will happen or not.

  In an interview with schools cop, Officer Bennet he said “ The school is trying to make a decision on how to carry out something like this and it’s my job to see the best spots to place vape detectors around the school campus to stop vaping”. When I asked what’s stopping the school from making the decision he responded, “Well, I’m not too informed of the situation but what I know as of now is that they would have to talk with the district to get funding for the detectors because they are very expensive and  have to use the schools funding to purchase them”  

In another interview with Principal Tracy who is the driving force for the idea of the detectors around campus mentions his intentions for this idea. 

When he was asked about what inspired him to add the vape detectors around campus he responded “When I went to a conference I spoke with a company Halo who sells vape detectors. They are capable of detecting things such as vapes, marijuana and AXE body spray can also be detected.”  When he was asked about how it would help, and if it would be a good decision he said “ Well our goal is to just minimize the usage around campus, but students will just do it in other places such as their cars or areas around school but as long it can be stopped in our bathrooms it can be seen as a step forward”. Tracy finished off the interview when he was asked what was stopping the process of installing the detectors around campus he stated, “The detectors are very pricey with a $1,000 price tag for each bathroom, but as of now we don’t know if we will purchase them but I have high hopes”. The decision to add these hasn’t been made nor known if it will be discussed to the district.