American Couple Arrested Attempting to Sell Nuclear Secret

American Couple Arrested Attempting to Sell Nuclear Secret

42-year-old Jonathan Toebbe has been accused, and now arrested for the possible involvement in selling designs of a nuclear-powered submarine that was for the Navy, to who he thought was a foreign government representative, but turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.  We interviewed a teacher, Mrs. Halterman, and said that Jonathan and Diana, (his wife who was a lookout for making sure that no one was catching onto them) should be charged for treason and put away in prison. She also added that when someone goes against their own country, that it could be really dangerous to sell them to a foreign country that could possibly use them for terrorist purposes. 

We also interviewed Mr. Edwards who thought that the consequences could be drastic, and said that if they had tried to mimic the designs or information that they were given, that they could’ve created something that couldn’t be controlled and could ruin lives because of the radiation. We didn’t know too much on the subject so we asked Ms. Dickson to tell us what nuclear was and how it works. 

She told us that nuclear energy is when you have heavy elements that are unstable and their isotopes, so they’re radioisotopes. When they do nuclear energy, like in a power plant, they will use heavy elements like uranium and plutonium. They will actually go through radioactive decay because they’re radioisotopes. It gives off alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha and beta radiation when they decay, and that can be used as energy to heat cores, which then heats water, which produces steam, which goes to a turbine, which produces energy into a generator. So nuclear energy is just this way to produce energy.  

You get that through the radioisotopes of these heavy elements like uranium and plutonium, which are radioactive. That’s why they call them radioactive because they are nuclei that are unstable, so they’re radioisotopes. An isotope has an unbalanced amount of neutrons. Those neutrons will actually convert and when it does that, it gives off a lot of energy. They use that energy as a raw form of energy, almost like heat, in a nuclear power plant. 

All it does is produce heated water, which produces steam, which runs to a turbine and then to a generator. So it sounds really complicated, and it is, you’re managing these radioactive elements and they are deadly to us. They give off so much energy, that can damage our bodies, but it’s really simple that it heats water, produce heat, run a turbine and then a generator. That is nuclear energy in a nutshell.