Faculty of the Week: Coach Elsensohn


Coach Elsensohn has coached for 28 years and taught for 31. He has been a big attribute to Jerome and the Tigers coaching football and basketball over the years. Sadly Coach E has retired from coaching due to his old age. He states ¨I don’t think I have the energy that these younger coaches have to properly do my job.¨ Elsensohn says his favorite sport to coach was definitely football. He is fascinated by the strategies they use and the plan of action that is put into the sport. 

Student Fabiola Cruz stated that Coach Elsensohns class was chill and she enjoyed being one of his students. We asked what her favorite attribute in Coach E was and she replied saying “He’s pretty understanding” when it comes to her math assignments. Many of his students have said that his class is enjoyable and he can be very understanding when it comes to their school work. When asked what her favorite thing was in his class, she stated that she “liked the discussions with him”. Coach Elsensohn has been talked very highly of and a lot of students have said that his class was by far their favorite class of the day. 

Senior Taylor Toral played basketball for Coach E for only one season but says he was a very good coach and it was fun being on his team. Toral also states that “my favorite attribute was him teaching me to become a better player and person because of him I am where I am today” Coach E was a great coach and still an amazing teacher.