Football Senior Night


As this year’s football season quickly comes to an end, one of the biggest nights is upon us. Senior Night is possibly the most important night for some of the teams most important players. This night commemorates some of the last games they will play. For others this night commemorates the beginning of a new football career. This game brings an opportunity for friends, families, and students to fill the stadiums for one last send off. Each senior will be recognized separately and congratulated on their future plans, whether they involve football or not. Not only are the football seniors being sent off, but the seniors on the dance team are also being included in this big game. Not only will the dance team seniors be recognized, but the Jerome High School Dance Team will also be performing a halloween dance.  

Friday, October 15, 2021 the Jerome High School Tigers will be going head to head with the Burley Bobcats. Many seniors looking forward to this night have been playing for JHS their entire high school career. Football team senior, Jase VanHouten says: “ I’m really excited for senior night. It’s a great feeling of recognition from my friends, family, and peers.This night is super important to the senior guys and I. Walking out on the field for one of the last times along with our parents, it’s just a different type of feeling. Especially since it’s gonna be the last time for most of us.” The statement just shows truly how important senior night is to the Jerome Tigers. How the hard work, long practices, and dedication is worth it for this one night. 

Although the football team had a bit of a rough start, with the excitement of senior night we’re hoping for a good game. Varsity football coach, Mr Jackson, said “ With this group of seniors, they’ve been a resilient group of boys. They’ve always worked hard through adversity. For most of them I’ve been around them not only this year, but since they were freshmen. I’ve been able to see them grow, not only in football but other sports, and other things such as this. They’re a really awesome group, and I’ve loved being their coach.” 

Friday night, fourteen seniors along with their two senior managers will take the field for the last time. Aside from this, senior members of the JHS dance team will also be recognized. Jerome high school is looking forward to this night to congratulate and wish good luck to the seniors of the Jerome High School 2021-2022 football team, and the seniors of the Jerome High School 2021-2022 dance team. We are looking forward to the dance team’s special half-time show, and good luck to the varsity football team in their last home game of the season. Most of all, good luck to our seniors!