Faculty of the Week: Kevin “Senor’ Guapo” Fernandez


This week we interviewed Kevin Fernandez for Faculty Member of the Week. We got to learn more about him as a teacher and what he does at Jerome high school. Mr. Ferandez has been working for the Jerome school district for six years. He first started working at the middle school. He later transferred to Jerome High school three years ago. Fernandez specialties in teaching ESL (English as a second language) to high school students. He assistants his students with schoolwork from other classes and teaches ESL students individually in his classroom. He says his teaching philosophy is preparing students for after high school. When asked about what’s the best advice he has gotten about teaching he said another teacher once told him, “yes they can.” Referring to students can push through hardships and learn something new. Besides teaching ESL, Fernandez is one of the faculty who created the “Weight Lifting Club” this year. When asked why he wanted to make this club he said, “It’s an opportunity for kids to get out of the house and away from things that may be distracting them at home.” Fernandez considers making the club and how successful it is to be his biggest accomplishment this year. He said although time management with work, students, and home life can be challenging, the “aha” moment with students makes it all worth it. Fernandez describes the “aha” moment when a student learns something new from him. 

We spoke with Jerome high school student Wyatt Pilkenton about his experience with Mr. Ferndanez. He said, “So I first met Mr. Fernandez in Middle school. He was one of the first faculty members to give me a tour around the school. I soon started playing football in middle school and got to know him a lot better. I immediately liked his sense of urgency and passion for each one of the kids he comes to meet. Fast forward to now, he’s one of the best teachers ever for high schoolers. He knows how to talk to teenagers, and how to relate to them on a personal level. He shows interest in everyone’s health and feelings. Not only do I feel comfortable talking to the guy personally, but many other people feel the same way. He goes out of his way to ensure I and many other students just feel better overall. He personally spends his money to support the weightlifting club and weight-room as well. Overall I think he’s a great person and a better teacher and coach.”