Do Teachers Expect Too Much?


School, grades, friends, homework and more. These are all things the average American high school student is concerned with. Feeling like you have to balance too many things at once can be a grueling task. Most high school students this just seems like a normal day, between the endless amount of homework and the constant pressure to be involved it can all feel like too much. With all these things students feel like they need to do it’s not hard to wonder if teachers expect too much from their students? Is the work amount high school students receive just a miscommunication on how much is too much, or do teachers really expect too much?

According to almost thirty percent of high school students work after school jobs. Most students working after school go directly from class to their job. Balancing work and school can be a lot to handle. A study conducted by a writer of the Washington Post states that the average American high school student is assigned 2.7 hours of work per night. When asked about the load of homework he receives, senior Jiovanni Contreras stated “ Yes, I have way too much homework , I also work everyday after school. It becomes really hard to do all my homework when I get home late. Certain times of the year I participate in after school activities. I do these because I like them, and because I feel like I’m expected to do them. This just makes balancing school and everything else really hard.” Studies done by Stanford University have shown that too much homework can be very non-beneficial to a students health. It can leave them often feeling very stressed and burnt out, for a lot of students this affects their mental health. Excessive amounts of homework, and after school assignments over a certain time starts causing stress, depression , anxiety, lack of sleep and more.  It’s not hard to see the correspondence between the work students receive, and the issues with today’s students. 

It’s not hard for a student to often feel overwhelmed with all the work that they need to do. Many times they feel as if work is constantly being piled up, but while students know they have a lot of work do teachers think they are giving a fair amount? Jerome High School teacher Jessica McArthur stated ¨ I think that there isn’t always too much work given, but a lack of communication between students and teachers. Different groups of students have different activities and lives. I think that the teachers often forget that to them it may not seem like a lot of work, they’ve already gone through college and high school. But while it seems like not a lot of work to them all these kids are still learning and growing, so what seems like a normal amount to the teacher may seem and feel like to much to the student.¨ This opens up the possibility that the amount of homework and after school work students are given could just be due to lack of communication between teachers and students. 

While homework is a large part of what is expected of students, it’s not to go without saying that teachers also can and often do expect too much from students within the classroom. With JHS recently going all online, many teachers have seen a decrease in students’ efforts in class. With students putting off work it makes it seem as if all students not finishing work are purposely putting it off. Jerome High School offers laptops to any student who may not have one they are able to use at school, or have one at all. What happens when a student’s laptop is currently unable to work? Senior Maigan Dilworth says ¨ I still do my work in class, but I notice sometimes kids put it off. It makes everyone who struggles to turn in work seem like they’re just choosing not to do it. Most of the time that’s not the case. Teacher´s expect us to have all our work turned in on time, but sometimes it’s really hard, especially when you don’t have a laptop. Most of the people at this school don’t own a laptop at home, yet the teacher still expects us to turn in work. It just feels like too much sometimes. ¨ Teachers may not give too much work within the classroom, but they do present an unreasonable expectation of things out of the students reach. 

While many people can argue that teachers are not expecting too much from us and rather they are just preparing for the future, it’s not hard to see that between the classroom expectations and amounts of homework many expectations are too high.