Man Stabs Pedestrians and Sets Subway on Fire


On October 31, several people were injured on a subway in Tokyo. A man dressed as the joker stabbed 17 people and ended up setting the subway on fire. He was wearing a green shirt and a purple suit. The police arrested the assailant responsible. The man told the police he wanted the death penalty and was planning on killing at least two people to get it. One person who was stabbed is now in critical care and is fighting to stay alive. 

This attack was the second assault that has happened in recent months in Japan. Back in August, a man stabbed 10 people on a train in Tokyo, after the Tokyo Olympics. The man responsible for that attack was arrested and told police he had been wanting to harm happy-looking women for a few years. He decided to do this because he was feeling unwanted and lonely at social gatherings and on dating apps. He thought the train would be the perfect place to do it because there is a very limited amount of space on the train and he could kill a large number of people that way. 

There were many social media videos released of the attack on October 31st. The man stabbed a large number of people before pouring lighter fluid on the seats and setting them on fire. At first, many witnesses thought it was a Halloween prank. They then realized that wasn’t the case when they saw the man waving a long knife as he walked their way. Not only were people hurt but many witnesses were hurt trying to escape the smoke-filled train cart. Some of them climbed out windows while others ran to different train cars. 

The Joker was the culprits’ favorite cartoon character when he was younger. The assailant said he looked up to the Joker and that was part of his inspiration for the incident. The man stated that he started having the urge to kill people when he quit his job last June and had many of his friendships fall apart. 

Three of the victims had very critical injuries. One man was left unconscious after being stabbed. A video on social media showed the man sitting with his legs crossed and smoking a cigarette in the train car. The Japanese suspect said this has been “planned for months.”

Japan doesn’t have a very high number of violent crimes, but the number has been increasing significantly in recent years. Back in August of 2019, a man attacked a group of kids while they were waiting for the bus. 18 kids were harmed and 2 were killed during this attack. 

One of the many procedures that were engaged on that frightful evening happened to be evacuating the subway. Everyone who was waiting to arrive at their given destination ended up on the side of the subway train calling the police and loved ones. Not only was it frightening but many lives were on the line and even some of them were and still are in the hospital. A local citizen  stated, “Train doors were closed and we had no idea what was happening, and we jumped from the windows.” The local then added “It was horrifying”