Texas Instates a Ban Once Again


Texas has passed a bill that has banned that no transgender women should be allowed to play girl school sports. Texas Governor, Greg Abott, was the one to sign into the law a bill that banned them. It was a “measure” that goes further than the current rules in the state that already limited some transgender students from participating in classes of sports aligned with their gender identity.

Under House Bill 25, which will go into effect on January 18th, 2021, student-athletes will be allowed to participate in interscholastic athletic competitions only as a part of teams that correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificates at or near the time of their birth. Modified birth certificates may be referred to only if they were edited to correct clerical errors, not if an individual legally changed their gender on the document.

According to the Washington Post, the University Interscholastic League, which stipulates that students participate on teams in accordance with the gender listed on their birth certificates, accepts legally modified birth certificates, but due to the new state law Abbott had signed on Monday, it is expected that it will be overridden and end up being adopted by the UIL.

State Rep. Valorie Swanson was the one who introduced the bill, she argued that the ban is needed to promote fairness in school sports by ensuring that sufficient athletic opportunities remain available for girls, “House Bill 25 is one of the greatest victories for equality rights for girls since Title IX passed 50 years ago,” She had said in a statement, “I have fought every political and legislative obstacle for an entire year – session after session – to protect 332,000 girls in UIL sports, and I am overjoyed that Governor Abbott has signed my bill into law.”

Despite hearing about how Swanson was trying to make it equal for youth assigned as girls at birth and how they should have their rights, she’s taking away options and opportunities for transgender girls that are girls if the legal document says so.

According to the Washington Post, Mary Emily O’hara, whom is a spokesperson for GLAAD and a LGBTQ+ media advocacy organization, she has said that “the bill limiting which sports a transgender students can participate in are the ‘latest angle to attack LGBTQ+ rights.’” She also said that the groups behind those sports bills are the same that rallied behind the legislation, prohibiting transgender individuals from accessing bathrooms for their gender.

“The sports issue is the latest creative framing – it’s a Trojan horse,” She said, “If you ask women athletes, the participation of trans women and girls is not an issue in women’s sports. The issues are pay disparity, sexual abuse and harassment, and not enough media coverage. Not enough funding. Women’s sports have real challenges, none of which have to do with transgender girls.”

Now we had interviewed a JHS teacher, Ms Hammersley.

Our question asked if she didn’t mind any of the clubs for LGBTQ+ and, to our surprise, she runs a club for it. She’s one of the advisors for the GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance). The club’s main idea is to just try and keep people supported and let them know they have someone to talk to. She added that not all of the students there are part of the community but they’re there because they have a friend there that is. “We have had some issues with people not liking our club. So we do have to be really careful about what the actual rules are and what we should be doing, making sure we’re not breaking any of them because there are people that will jump right on that and try to get our club to be gone.”

“What is your opinion on having transgender girls in your class?” She explained, “I have absolutely no problem with it. I have had, and do now, several transgender students.” She went into details about how she followed on what they wanted their pronouns to be and let them know they’re supported. She said that she also made sure to check in on them because of how they have to deal with a ton of stuff and how she has a pride flag in her room to show she supports and they can talk to her.

“What is your opinion on having transgender girls play sports?” and she revealed that she didn’t mind there were trans girls playing sports, that she understood how there were differences between boys and girls through biology and how there were girls who were uncomfortable to change in the locker rooms because of their gender before them becoming their new gender.