The Future of Hemp in Idaho

The Future of Hemp in Idaho

What is hemp? Hemp and marijuana are both from the same species of plants. . Its official name is Cannabis Sativa. It is not enough to get you high. It contains 0.3% or less THC. It is not an illegal substance, but the Farm Bill published in 2018 said that it was up to Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and South Dakota to continue to ban hemp. However the rest of the 46 states were allowed to legalize hemp. Up until recently Idaho had not allowed the growing and transporting of hemp, but now in the spring of 2022 it will be okay to grow under new regulations.

This is the first time that a specific plan has been set for hemp. There have been many times before where there was an attempt at legalizing the production and transportation of hemp. 


Now in 2021, The US Department of Agriculture has made the decision and plan to allow our State Department of Agriculture to allow the transportation and growing. We asked Ms. Lebsack about her thoughts on if this new change in Idaho could be beneficial to farmers. She said it could be very beneficial because it’s a new source of income for farmers and it is not illegal but it will need new regulations for all farmers. She also said that she doesn’t see too many negatives to growing hemp, because it’s not an illegal substance like marijuana. Hemp has a different purpose and a different deal. “The positives outweigh the negatives.”  There are more benefits than negative when using hemp. The uses range from food, soap, cosmetics, clothing, and even paper. 

Hemp is something we can use, we just have to make sure that we regulate everything and keep track of this stuff. She also said that there should be no issue of producing hemp in a factory here in Idaho. The reason it wasn’t legalized before is because Idaho didn’t have many regulations with manufacturing hemp. There was even a situation where three truckers were transporting hemp from one state to another, but they came into Idaho and their transportation was cut short. The consequences for the men were jail time, but their sentences were suspended which still left them with misdemeanors and fines that they had to pay. 


The future for hemp in Idaho is looking better than the years before and it will be very helpful for farmers. This doesn’t mean that any products that contain any amount of THC are not allowed to be sold to Idaho consumers. So cigarettes and similar products that have hemp in them will not be sold.