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Why Are There So Many Mexicans Living In Jerome?

Why Are There So Many  Mexicans Living In Jerome?

Derek Rendon-Olguin, Diego Gutierrez Hernandez, and Maggie Shepard

October 25, 2020

Jerome- Despite being further away from their homeland, many Mexicans settle in Jerome, Idaho. According to the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs 7,944 Hispanics live in Jerome, in a city of 23,000 inhabitants. That means that 34.5% of those who live in Idaho are mostly Mexicans. Of course, not ev...

Teens Involved in Shooting?

Teens Involved in Shooting?

Brayan Gonzalez Lugo and Ariela Morfin Rosales

October 18, 2020

Twin Falls-On Thursday, October 1 ,2020, there was a shooting in Twin Falls, Idaho involving four teenagers. A local citizen living near this location was injured. The person who was injured was a man who lives on the 1000 block of Lincoln Avenue N. When he was sitting at home, he was suddenly struck...

Out Of Control Flies

Out Of Control Flies

Yesenia Franco Piedad, Keely Wayment, and Amara Linam

October 11, 2020

   Is climate change the reason for all the flies? Have you noticed that there are a lot more flies than usual? Part of that reason is because there are more , but no one knows the real reason. Ian Robertson, a biology professor, and an insect ecologist at Boise State University says “ Flies like ...

Missing People in Idaho: What Is Being Done to Bring Them Home?

Missing People in Idaho: What Is Being Done to Bring Them Home?

Alex Keller and Kassandra Weston

October 4, 2020

Southern Idaho- Over the past couple of months many people have shared  #SaveOurChildren and #SaveTheChildren on social media. Since the rise of this trend many children in Jerome and Twin Falls, Idaho have gone missing. There are even some children that went missing 3 years ago and still have not been fo...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death Reaches Small Community

Nikki Kahn

Trinity Jones and Lilianne Babcock

September 27, 2020

Jerome County and City News Washington D.C.- On September 18th 2020, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away in her home due to health complications. Even in the small town of Jerome, Idaho, opinions are split on RBGs death and the matters surrounding it. Her legacy, ideals, accompl...

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