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Dress Code: “Distraction is simply an excuse.”

Someone filling out Dress Code Agreement.

Paula Vasquez Granados, Student Body

October 10, 2020

Why is the dress code here at JHS ridiculous. We are not allowed to wear ripped jeans with holes above the knee, even if it is the tiniest rip. Why is our education interrupted because the teachers believe our clothes are not appropriate? As a student I simply do not care what my fellow classmates w...

Cyber Bullying a Problem at JHS

Cyber Bullying a Problem at JHS

Emma Dickinson, Student Body

October 10, 2020

Bullying has been a growing problem over the years, so what can we do to stop it? Bullying has increased 32% over the last 4 years. Why has it increased so much over the last couple years? Bullying has increased dramatically because of the impact and growth of technology. Technology is a big part of ...

Promote Tolerance at JHS

Concept about people diversity and tolerance on multicolor background

Hannah Schvaneveldt, Student Body

October 10, 2020

High school is said to be one of the most memorable times in a person’s life, and everyone’s high school experience is unique to them. There are people who play sports, others who participate in band, choir, speech, and/or any other extracurricular activity offered at JHS. Then there are people who...

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